December 3, 2011

sperm banks

...or, where to get the "rascals"?  Here is how I made my choice of sperm bank.

Based on a somewhat out-dated (2007) yet thorough comparison chart, I settled on my criteria:
  • open identity option
  • some reasonable limits to offspring per donor (***)
  • will ship to home (exception for local cryobio)
  • adult-photo preferred (exception for TSBC)
  • full medical history available
  • genetic testing
  • excluded if negative comments.
(***) While I was initially impressed by Fairfax's extensive offer of donor information and sister-company CLI's cheaper prices and Scandinavian stock, they are resistant to donor sibling registries in an unregulated industry, sometimes producing 150 offspring from a single donor!

As of now, I am sold on TSBC.  I must pause to heartily thank the lesbian community for blazing trails and sharing their knowledge!  I read a moving testimonial in favor of TSBC, which introduced me to the idea of slickness-integrity tradeoff.  TSBC's non-profit status is a strong and notable endorsement along the same lines.

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