December 29, 2011

stink beetles in my coffee!?

Can I just say "yuggg-gyaaa-ickkk"?!
The infestation of stink beetles this summer was easy enough to live with -- they are fairly benign, once you realize what it is that's flying around your lamp and head periodically!  I've never experienced the source of their name, and they don't bite; so, okay, I figure it's some ecological over-population in my micro-neighborhood.

Then they basically disappear, with a dead one collecting here and there with the dust bunnies; still, I pretty much live and let die.  But, now, they've gone too far!

As if by some programmed "last gasp" the remaining stink beetles have arisen from the dead and hidden in my coffee grounds -- yuck!  One was in my coffee maker -- insect legs are NOT what you want to see in your just-brewed grounds.  Then, tonight, I screwed the cap off my travel mug, and I swear I don't know how this happened, there was another one stuck to the inside rim of my mug.

Please let this be the last of the stink beetles; and let this be some archaic animal-speaks type sign of impending fertility... please?  Thank you.

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  1. hello from another single gal in the interwebs! Looking forward to following your journey.

    p.s. do you mind expanding who can leave you comments? I know - so obnoxious of me to ask- I'm a web nerd and not always logged into google :)