December 31, 2011

2011 year-end gratitude list

I have so much to be grateful for as I reflect back on 2011:

  • my loving mother, who is healthy, optimistic, wise, and believes in me.
  • the love I share with my sister, who is closer than ever and trusts me.
  • the joy of my sister's young children, who asked for *me* to put their shoes on our last visit!
  • my brother-in-law, who jokes with me and gives me solid advice.
  • my father, who is reliable for grown-up advice and editing needs.
  • the sense of humor and solid support of my dad's spouse.
  • my job, employer, and co-workers -- I still love my job and have more security there than I thought!
  • developing better working relationships at work and my growing confidence.
  • a nice place to live, close to the river with prompt maintenance and attractive grounds.
  • my cats, especially my baby girl who wakes me up every morning.
  • the men who have loved me; the men I have loved.
  • a good car and a good mechanic.
  • my new dentist this year, and my new bite plane.
  • my new medical doctors this year.
  • clean air to breathe and clean water to drink.
  • running hot and cold water on demand.
  • my recovery support community, which has given me a way to live and people to live with!
  • so many support meetings in my city and the willingness of my mentor to work with me.
  • my laptop and internet service.
  • my new smart phone with the super-large screen!
  • my new best friend, who surprised me by being so amazing when we lost our third musketeer to a man.
  • my neighbor who lovingly & generously cat sits for me when I travel, and whom my cats have bonded with!
  • the financial and emotional security to progress with plans for SMC in 2012!
  • all the women I've found also pursuing SMC and the online forum I've joined.
  • my natural gifts and the grace of human kindness.
  • scrabble online!
  • the moments of joy I now take great care to notice.
  • starting a blog and twitter this Thanksgiving.
  • my extended family of cousins and their families.
  • being invited to a party tonight for new year's eve.
  • baths, coffee, my bed, my ease of sleeping.
  • good mental health support and hope for my new providers starting in the new year.
  • peace in our country.
  • the freedom to vote.
  • public libraries, and that ours offers audiobooks -- yay!!
  • podcasts!
  • free phone apps.
  • my teddy bear.
  • my good health.
  • npr, bbc, pbs, and my local public radio stations.
  • people who read my blog :)
Happy & Healthy 2012 to you all!!