December 12, 2011

proud owner of 6 vials of super sperm!

Who would have thought of buying sperm?

There is sperm literally everywhere -- hotel rooms are covered with it!  When I have a lover, we are always cleaning it up -- yuck.  The world is crawling with sperm, why would anyone have to pay for it?!

It seems that to be a sperm donor, men have to have spectacular sperm counts!  The not-so-nice lady I put my order in with told me the average "man walking down the street" has 8mil count/cc, but donors must have 20mil count/cc after 50%-80% are killed by the freeze-thaw process.

So, I have just invested over 3 paychecks in 6 chances at being a mom.  I ended up buying 3 vials each of my top 2 donors.  I call them A and B.  Now I have a fun study design type of problem to solve, reminding me of my graduate coursework.

The first 3 cycles will be at home with an age-specific success rate of 7.5% per cycle; then I will move to IUI in the office with the last 3 vials at a 19.2% chance.  Using the Negative Binomial distribution, the chances of a success in the at-home cycles is 20.9% (cdf of Geometric at x=3); and 47.2% in the 3 in-clinic cycles.  There is a 42% chance of both these approaches failing.

So, here's to my 58% over the first 6 months of 2012!!  I'd give myself a few points since the age range is 35-39, and I'm in the middle at 37.


  1. Hahaha, I love the way you've broken it down. You really are a numbers chic. Wish you the best in your cycles, may it take!

  2. I've been trying to crunch very similar numbers myself. Looking forward to taking this journey with you!
    Hugs & Baby Dust

  3. It's a good idea to buy multiple vials of donor sperm. We only bought one (as back up for IVF), but ended up using it for an IUI... luckily it worked, because when I went online there were no more of his vials left!