December 7, 2011

some legal principle

Maybe I've watched too many Law & Order episodes, but isn't there a legal principle assigning culpability to agents of harm -- even when result is due, in part, to an unknown & existing susceptibility in the victim?

I am coming to terms with my devastating summer tryst, realizing that I want to blame this man not only for his deceit & recklessness -- but also for how fragile (existing condition) I was when he first pursued me.  Surely, he is not to blame for that, for my insecurity, my yearning, my own recklessness.

But I must say, and I'm sure I am not alone here -- the night & day contrast between (1) a single-childless woman in her mid-30's longing for a "family life" and (2) the same woman with a desirable man pledging his love, troth, and genetic material is beyond belief.  Never mind that his desirability was perhaps clouded by wishful thinking and open to much debate -- especially by my friends and family!

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