August 2, 2012

moving at 5 months pregnant

I don't recommend moving at 5 months pregnant.

My pregnancy has been moving steadily along, and somehow I've managed to do some of mommy things I'm supposed to -- touring 2 daycares (with looong waiting lists), starting prenatal yoga, setting a date for my shower, finally informing my boss, and registering for birth classes.  But all that expecting-mother to-do list stress has been moved to a back burner in favor a  different stress, the before & after of moving myself and my cats to a new residence across town last weekend.

I was worried I wouldn't have enough help, so I hired some moving "helpers" -- and I am still pretty amazed with the volunteer help that came through to help me pack and move.  It was a bit traumatic once it came to "just put stuff in boxes" last-minute part of the process.  I, in line with the female stereotype, usually know where everything is and additionally, according to my left-brain bent, prefer to have things perfectly sorted by group.  All this went out the window, and I am feeling it as I am now surrounded by boxes of random unknown stuff.

The worst parts were 1. when my well-meaning friend mixed in my carefully segregated bag of my last boyfriend's stuff in my with my desk drawers (noooo!) and 2. the same friend's vastly more lax view of what constitutes trash than my semi-hoarding, depression-era-parents, recycling sensibilities allow.  She had piles of things like washclothes, spare change, and old cell phones in the trash pile!

The positive lesson that comes out (please let me remember this!) is that there were enough people to help and somehow it did get done, even if the people weren't the ones I expected and the process didn't look like I thought it would.  I would have like to throw more things out rather than move junk, but I did take out 70 pounds of recycling and donated 3 large trash bags of clothes!

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