June 21, 2012

sweet relief!

I am so relieved to report that my baby looks absolutely normal and healthy in the detailed ultrasound I had this morning!  <big sigh of relief>

I am also in shock that they said it's a boy!  My father has 13 female progeny and had 0 males until my sister gave birth to a boy last week.  It just seemed normal to have a girl, plus the Ramzi's method seemed to point to the girl (left) side for implantation.  Just goes to show!

I'm tickled pink and so glad I don't have to launch a grieving process.  I can continue to bond with and love openly this baby growing in me <3

I have been so fortunate to have tons of prayers, good thoughts, moral support, a portal to ascendant masters at Mt. Shasta (?? thanks mom!), the solstice, and hugs to get me through this.  Googling was a mixed blessing -- it fueled obsession and provided both comforting anecdotes and scary diagnoses.

The scariest thought was that I would never have my own baby.  At least for today, I am reassured that I am having a healthy boy.  What, a boy?  No way!


  1. So glad to hear things turned out well!! Don't you mean you are tickled BLUE, and not tickled pink?! Welcome to the wonderful world of baby boys!!!

  2. Good news! I'm so glad to hear it.