August 20, 2012

baby boy practice

I do recommend going on family vacation between 5-6 months pregnant even if you're worried about having enough paid time off for maternity leave.

It has been a wonderful 10 days here at the beach with my family, and I head home tomorrow feeling refreshed and bolstered.  Although I brought my never-ending list of maternity/work/home concerns with me, I was present with many moments of delightful sensations -- floating with my pregnant belly in the ocean, rocking on the porch gazing at the horizon, listening to the waves crash, enjoying group meals, listening to multi-generational stories & chatter.  I had good days and a few bad days, spoke my truth when overwhelmed or down, and enjoyed the different personalities that came and went during my stay.

A definite highlight was getting to meet and spend time with my 2-month-old nephew!  I totally love this little guy and enjoyed all my time holding and rocking and soothing him.  He even managed some smiles for me.  This experience also gave me a lot of confidence that I can handle my own little boy come late November.  The chance to be around my sister was also a true gift.  I love and admire her dearly -- on the flight down here, I was crying to think of how her presence represents "home" to me in a very fundamental way:  a way that is unsettled back home after my recent move, ongoing singleness, and dissatisfaction at work.

I wish I could say all anxiety has left me, but that is not how (sober) life works -- I got the accumulated benefits of ten days by the sea, the loving support & wisdom of family and friends, and even made some progress on my to-do list -- reading the manual for my new washing machine and starting my baby registry!  I am so grateful for this vacation.

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  1. I was a little nervous about parenting a boy at first....but I can already say that it is a lot of fun!! (Well, it is fun other than that whole risk of being peed on thing!)