May 21, 2012

craving fruits

I am craving fruits lately.  In fact, just now seeing that my baby is the size of a plum, made me want a plum!  Luckily, via courage borrowed from my cat (who would go with me if she could), I picked up oranges, apples, grapes, and tomatoes at the store tonight!

I have fatigue still, but the chemo-sickness (forgive the comparison if not apt) lasted only from weeks 6 to 10, although it seems interminable and unbearable at the time.

Last weds at the 12 week nucheal transparency ultrasound, I got a huge morale boost -- baby was rocking and rolling!  She (or he) was pushing off the walls (of the sac I guess), trying to straighten out, and was moving all joints -- elbows, shoulders, knees, hips -- it was amazing :)  At first she didn't want to get into position for the measurement, but once the u/s tech asked me about the anonymous donor process and I got going, the baby starting rolling over in all directions.  I guess I just needed to talk about "daddy" for a minute.

I also received a large box of maternity clothes from my dear sister, which is a huge relief, because I haven't gotten into the consumer side of pregnancy/baby-land at all yet.  I am concerned about where I will be moving when my lease is up in August.  I have a reservation on an apartment in my complex, but after seeing it, I am not so sure.  I spent a few hours this weekend looking at online listings.  I would love to feel "good" about the place I'll be bringing baby home in the world.

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